Hatco Glo-Ray - What is an infinite control?

Posted by Grace Rowe on

What is the standard method of control on single Infrared foodwarmers and where on the unit is it located?

The standard control is an on/off toggle switch located on the chef’s left side of the unit.

What is an infinite control and when is it used?

An infinite control can be used in lieu of the standard on/off toggle switch. It is different than an on/off toggle switch and is used when the operator would like to manually adjust the heat output from full wattage down to any desired level. It is considered a timing device that turns power on and off, unlike a thermostat which senses temperature and adjusts accordingly. The maximum amperage that an infinite control can handle is 12.2 amps. Since a toggle switch can handle 15 amps, an infinite control cannot always be field retrofitted in place of a toggle.


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