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Rational Cleaning & Care Products

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RATIONAL Clean Tabs – 100 Tabs per Bucket

The cleaning tabs developed by Rational with the new intensive complex of active ingredients guarantee maximum cleaning power every time. They are highly concentrated and thuis particularly effective. Cleaning tabs …

$162.00 $132.00 *excluding GST

RATIONAL Care Tabs – 150 Tabs per Bucket

Highly-effective care products ensure activer protectionand will significantly extend the service life of your “Selfcooking centre” Special scale-dissolving ingredients contained in the care tabs prevent limescale building up in the …

$196.00 $159.00 *excluding GST

RATIONAL Descaler, descaler pump.

Special cleaning and care products providing effective descaling of the steam generator. Descaler, 10 litres N°: 6006.0110 Electric descaler pump N°: 60.70.409 Please call for Price

RATIONAL Liquid Cleaner 10L

$120.00 $97.00 *excluding GST

RATIONAL Liquid Cleaner 10L

Liquid detergent for all CombiMaster® and ClimaPlus Combi® models. RATIONAL liquid detergent and rinse aid were specially developed in our laboratories. Together, they create the perfect system for hygienic cleanliness and care. …

$120.00 $97.00 *excluding GST

RATIONAL Rinse Tabs – 50 Tabs per Bucket

This item is classed as hazardous goods and needs to be shipped accordingly.

$120.00 $97.00 *excluding GST