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1718 Matchbox Oven

$30,890.00 $24,515.20 *excluding GST



Product Details

1718 Matchbox Oven.

Ovention Ovens : A revolution in cooking technology

  • Ovention ‘Matchbox’ Oven with Precision Impingement System with fully automated, programmable cooking for up to 1000 programs.
  • Features include auto load/unload, two cooking surfaces.
  • Flextemp’ feature for almost instant cooking temperature changes between programs.
  • The closed chamber and catalytic function eliminates the need for an exhaust canopy creating freedom to place this oven almost anywhere.
  • USB port for loading/storing menus.
  • This unique technology can open up new horizons for your menu and business.
  • Oven cooking size 436.1  x 472.4mm
  • Oven dimensions: 514H x1566.7W x 875.5mmD
  • 11.76Kw  415V .
  • 32Amp 3 phase.
  • 50Hz
  • Unit supplied un-plugged



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