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24771 Granule Smart – Flow Edition

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The Granule Smart Flow Edition is the revolutionary answer to laborious and expensive, time consuming pot washing.

Using a combination of the patented PowerGranules, high pressure water and a small amount of chemical, pots are visibly and hygienically clean in a fraction of the time compared to manual pre-rinsing and scrubbing.

Users experience savings in the order of 90% on energy, water and chemical usage making the Granule Smart  Flow Edition the choice for busy venues producing up to 1000 hot meals/day. This model includes the Trolley over and above the Granule Smart ‘Package’ model.

  • Fast efficient Pot washing
  • Washing capacity up to 1000 hot meals per day
  • USB port for easy download of HACCP data
  • Standalone solution or system with cassettes and trolleys for maximum flow and capacity
  • Water savings of up to 90%
  • Space saving
  • Labour saving
  • Can accommodate large, deep GN pans, pots of all sizes, bowls, saucepans, baking trays, sheetpans etc.
  • Includes: 1 x Trolley, 1 x Standard Wash Basket,  1 x Scraper, 1 x 8L Granule collectors, 8 L of Powergranules (in machine). 

Time saved in the kitchen enables better usage of staff and a more productive, easier workflow by making sure pots are ready to use in a much shorter time frame than any manual methods.
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