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Brema – Modular G280A Ice Flaker Assembly

Brema’s G Series G280A Granular Ice Flake Maker produces 280kg per day of snowflake ice that perfectly accompanies any drink or fresh food display. This highly versatile ice is loved by restaurants, fishmongers and hospitals alike as it is easy to handle and can adapt to any use, from the highly practical to the strikingly creative.

$1,897.00$6,059.00 *excluding GST

$7,494.00 $6,059.00 *excluding GST
$2,346.00 $1,897.00 *excluding GST
$2,421.00 $1,957.00 *excluding GST
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Brema’s G range of modular ice flaker heads produces granular ice flakes which automatically drop into a separate Brema storage bin. The Brema G280A is a modular ice flaking machine that produces 280kg of granular ice per 24 hours and is designed to fit on top of a range of Brema storage bins with differing capacities from 110kg to 350kg. Granular ice is ideal for exhibiting and presenting foods as well as for use in medical industries. The ice has a fast and efficient refrigerating effect and is easy to handle and dose.

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Dimensions0.56 × 0.569 × 0.695 mm


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