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CookTek MCD2502S Double Hob Induction Cooktop

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High efficiency dual hob cooktops, with heavy duty electronic components and high-impact glass-ceramic tops, form the Cooktek Twin Zone Heritage drop-in Induction Cooktop. With two, side by side 2400 watts zones, the unit delivers high powered, efficient results. A clear red LED display shows the power level or temperature, while the rotary control allows precise and easy, user control. Efficient, reliable and safe to operate, this unit is an asset to any commercial kitchen.


  • Automatic pan detection allows for instant heat transmission to the pan so there is little energy comsumption when pan is not present
  • Integral fan keeps internal electronics cooler
  • Auto protect function shuts off the cooktop when a minor problem arises and displayed error code enables user correction of the problem
  • Choice of precise power with control between 0 – 20 in single digit increments or temperature control in 5C increments between 30C – 260C
  • Integral grease filter and air baffle to ensure cleaner and cooler air intake for optimum reliability
  • Dimensions of 698mm x 349mm x 93mm
  • Rated at 4.8KW Single Phase

Also Available in 30 AMP