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* Frymaster Filterquick 2 Full Pot Fryer w Covers Nat Gas

The ultimate frying system for the QSR market, Frymaster’s FilterQuick™ 2FQG3OU-NG two pot fryers are the ultimate oil-conserving, high-performance fryers that drastically help improve profit margins with labour and energy saving features, contribute to green and sustainability initiatives and safeguard workers. With simple push button filtering and auto top-off (ATO) of frypot oil, the FilterQuick™ will not only save you up to 40% in oil costs, but allow you to become a true fry master.

$40,791.00 $32,836.76 *excluding GST

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2 x 15L (Full Pot) oil capacity
147.6mj/h rating
Centre-mounted RTD, 1° action thermostat
Comes with an Oil management package — includes setup for bulk oil
Stainless steel frypot, door & cabinet
15L FilterQuick fryers match the production capacity of 25L fryers, meaning more for less
40% less oil to cook as much food as 25L capacity & 10% less energy
Smart 4U® Technology automatically replenishes oil & monitors cooking conditions for a superior fry
Independent frypot construction means you can replace/repair one frypot whilst still producing food Infared heat transfer exceeds ENERGY STAR® guidelines for unmatched savings & sustainability

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Dimensions794 x 757 x 1182 mm


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