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Saf-t-Ice Tote SI6000

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si6100SI6000 SAF-T-ICE® Tote.

Bacteria lies dormant in ice, spreading when it thaws.

You wouldn’t scoop a bowl of ice cream with a dirty glass, so why scoop ice that way?

Dirt and germs from hands, traditional scoops, and improper scooping methods can contaminate your entire ice supply.

Scooping ice into dirty buckets, or putting items directly into the ice bin to cool can all lead to dangerous cross-contamination.

Stop the spread of germs by using the Saf-T-lce System from San Jamar.

San Jamar Safety products not only protect your customer – they protect your business as well.

  • The Saf-T-Ice® Tote is a dedicated food-service container that will allow you to transport ice safely, helping you avoid a potential cross-contamination disaster.
  • The Saf-T-Ice Tote will not nest, keeping dirt and bacteria from being transmitted by stacking.


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