VitaMix Food Blender 5.6 Liters

VitaMix Food Blender 5.6 Liters


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XL Blade

The Vitamix 10185 XL commercial blender/food processor is the world’s largest countertop unit, allowing you to blend up to 24 x 200mL servings at once! The power and precision of the Vitamix XL is engineered to create mass quantities, improve staff efficiency, and expand your menu capabilities without compromising the artistry of the dish.

  • Powerful 4.2 peak output HP motor allows heavy blending from delicate tomatoes to dense meat
  • Large 5.6 litre container provides extra blending capacity for both hot and cold ingredients
  • Pulse function and variable speed control allow for flexibility and creativity
  • Low countertop profile and removable lid plug make it easy to add ingredients while blending

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